CountPRO is a software for people counting which is based on intelligent analysis of video received from IP camera. It can be installed on an standard PC computer and connection with the IP camera is established through TCP/IP network like LAN, WAN, wLAN and similar.
On the left you can watch the Demo of our people counting software, which demonstrates how easily our software resolves very complicated people counting problems.

Our software excels in counting:
- couples,
- groups of people,
- people passing by each other.

Those are situations, which are especially difficult for many people counting systems. Many products for people counting can not resolve those problems and that is the reason why they have very low accuracy and very high error, which renders them unusable for their main purpose.
Watch the Demo of our people counting software.
CountPRO Main Window
CountPRO software can receive and process video from up to 8 IP cameras so you can count visitors on 8 locations (entrances/exits). Cameras should be installed near the entrances/exits of the object and positioned for overhead suirveillance.

User interface is very user friendly and intuitive so you can easily manage your settings, add new cameras and register your application on the application for central management CountPRO CMS.

We can supply Windows® service version of the application so that it can run automatically regardless on whether any user is logged in or not. This is also very useful in the case of rebooting the computer because application starts automatically without any intervention of the user.
Main window of CountPRO application.
Techical Specifications for CountPRO:
  Supported Resolutions: 384x288 and 352x288
  Supported Video Format: MJPEG
  Supported Cameras per Software: up to 8 cameras
  Network Protocol: TCP/IP
  Operating System: Microsoft® Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  Minimal Computer Configuration: Intel® Pentium III on 1GHz, 512MB RAM, 400MB of space on HDD
  Recommended Computer Configuration: Intel® Dual Core or higher, 1GB RAM, 400MB of space on HDD
  Supported Database: PostgreSQL
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Serbian language
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